Increase Cash Flow

PUMA is Designed To Help You Save your Precious Money and Time Without Cutting Back Quality.


PUMA Allows You Automate Just about Anything In Your Property Management Business Without Hiring an Expensive Programmer

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Take Control

With PUMA, you won’t lose control over your Property Management Operation. You have full control over every little aspect of your business.

We Get Your Frustrations...

PUMA Wasn't Build by A Team of Software Developers, It was Designed and Engineered by a team of Landlords and Property Managers

My Day

This is Your Day to Day Command Center Where you Check Off Tasks, Track Appointments, and Make Sure Your Tasks Don’t Fall through the Cracks

Built-In CRM

You Won’t Need a 3rd Party CRM Software, PUMA Can track notes, appointments, send emails, and send text messages directly from one place


PUMA markets your vacant properties and units to all the favorite sites. Automate your Tenant On-boarding as well as Lease Renewals. You can also accept application fees


Communicate With Your Vendors, Tenants, and Owners in a single Dashboard. Tenants and Vendors have access to their own Login and Dashboard


You can Automate Incoming Maintenance Tasks and Auto-Assign them To your Preferred Vendors. Use PUMA to follow up with Tenants and Vendors to make sure the work is complete


PUMA Tracks all Incoming Receivables and Out Going Payable Automatically. Create Recurring Bills. Create Intuitive Reports. And Pre-Schedule all Outgoing Bills Automatically.


Get an Overview of your Property Management Operation to make decision, take control, and handle conflicts quickly. Get Stats such as income, expenses, and maintenance items

Fully Customizable Automation

This is PUMA's Flagship Feature.
With PUMA, you can build, edit, customize, or delete your own Automation Campaign and Steps.

Ready To Save Time, Money, and Stress with PUMA?