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Meet The Talent Behind PUMA

PUMA (Property User Management Automation) was initially founded by Sam and Daniel Kwak. They realized that landlords are spending awful lot of time managing their own property dealing with the stress, frustration, and lot of time wasted. Most landlords don’t hire a property management due to trust issues or lack of due care for the property. Sam and Daniel realized that they needed to solve this challenge. So! They created the concept of a fully customizable software that allows for automating most of the repetitive tasks involved in property management. They knew that if the reptetive tasks can be automated, landlords can focus on living their life and focusing on other activities than being stuck managing their tenants all the time.The core philosophy of PUMA is to save you time and money so that you can truly enjoy your freedom and take control of your life.

Sam Kwak

Co-Founder, Creative Genius

Daniel Kwak

Co-Founder, Investor Relations

Kevin Danikowski

Chief Tech Officer