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Your Command & Control Center

  • See All The Tasks and Appointments Coming Up
  • No Need to Leave the Page to Make Decisions.
  • Create Tasks and Appointments. Assign them to the Appropriate User
  • Never Let Tasks and Appointments fall throug the cracks. Get reminded of important tasks or high priority follow-ups


Your Maintenance Tracker

  • Auto-Assign Maintenance Tickets to Any Users or Any Vendors You Choose
  • Customize Work Flow For Any Incoming Work Orders Coming In
  • Tenants Can Create Work Orders, Submit Photos, and Videos Through Their Portal
  • Create Follow Up Tasks and Auto-Reminders


State of the Art Automation Sequence

  • Build Your Own Step By Step Automation Sequence and Campaign using Emails, Time Delays, Text Message, Create Invoice, HTTP Post, Create Task, or Notification
  • Easy To Use, Fully Customizable, and Versatile.
  • Smart Automation: You can Set up what starts and stops an automation campaign based on specific event or a circumstance. (If/Then)
  • Start, Stop, Pause any Automation Sequence at any time.
  • Turn On or Off Automation For Manual Controls
For Developers

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