How to Automate Your 
Property Management Business
So That You Cut Wastes and Increase Profit!
What's Inside?
Property management process flowchart
You get over 7 flowcharts (step-by-step process) that'll help you automate your property management process. All you have to do is copy the process in your own property management! 
Simple and Organized!
Lean property management system
How to decrease waste of time, energy, and money which cause headaches, frustrations, and stress! Your business might be held back by these wasteful processes.
the top 7 secrets to automating your properties
You're going to get our top 7 secrets in property management that'll reduce time and money spent on property management! These golden nuggets will set you apart from the other landlords who are constantly busy (doing nothing)...
Who is this for?
This guide is specially made for professional property managers with busy and productive life. Instead of spending your precious time on dealing with property problems, take back your life by automating your property management process!
Why Automate Your Properties?

From: Sam Kwak, The Kwak Brothers
Warrenville, IL

You're a successful property manager with hundreds of rental units...

You made it!

You're doing well!

But the problem is... you're dealing with repetitive tasks and petty problems that could have been solved if it wasn't for human error. And unfortunately, this is causing a LOT of waste of time and revenue.

Now sure, you can hire more people which means you're having to spend a lot more money on payroll 


You can automate the property management process so that you can produce more results with a smaller and leaner team.

You can even automate hard things like:

1. Repair Request
2. Lease Expirations
3. Evictions
4. Application & Tenant Move-In Process
5. Collecting Rents

My brother and I own and operate a private equity fund with multiple rental units today and we've seen the property management proess first hand... This PDF is written for hard-working professional property managers with at least 75 units seeking to spend less time dealing with problems and more time growing their business. The guide will give you the tools, concepts, and strategies to automate your property management process!
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*The software is free to use if you have 3 or less rental units. If you have more than 3 rental units, see more info here.